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It is a four motor convertible running in its summer configuration at Shore Line Trolley Museum.

The Museum acquired the line from the Connecticut Company in the late 1940s and Car 775 continues to operate on this very line today. Car 2001 was part of a fleet which helped to modernize the Montreal system in the late 1920s.

Originally built as a single-ended car, 2001 and its sisters were modified as double-enders in 1933 to operate on lines which did not have a loop at each end.

A portion of the museum’s collection of equipment is regularly on exhibit, including a variety of cars from the earliest period of electric traction through the late era of the PCC. This was a cost-effective way to double capacity during peak rush times.

Based on the needs of each day and our operators’ qualifications, additional pieces of equipment may be pulled out or operated on our line for use on our railroad and/or for the public’s enjoyment. Trailer cars were popular in the 1910s and 1920s before the ridership crash of the Great Depression.

and worked until 1934 when it was converted to a salt and sand car.

In 1947 the car was selected by Branford, it was rare and well preserved example of this type of car.

The museum acquired the carbody and spent many years working to re-acquire all the parts to bring it back to life.

Atlanta 948 made its grand debut on our line in 2011 as the most recently-restored member of our fleet.

Freshly repaired and returned to service in late 2011, this car maintains a history on the Branford Electric Railway dating back to the very earliest years of the 20th Century.

This 1904-built car spent most of its years running on the museum’s line when it was an ordinary passenger carrying route of the Connecticut Company.

Car 850 is two years older, and was fully restored at the museum over a period of a decade, completed in 2007.