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Midget sex meets

Like the rest of the cast, she was astounded to hear they were holding 'dwarf sex parties' in the famous Culver Hotel (subsequently owned by John Wayne) where they all lived during filming.

For although their antics on screen brought joy to generations of children, behind the scenes they astounded everyone with shocking episodes of drunkenness, depravity and wild sexual propositions from which no one was safe.

Even Garland herself was sufficiently curious to go on a date with one of the most randy, although since she was so young, her mother insisted on joining her.

"Fair enough, two broads for the price of one," the tiny lothario replied, undaunted.

Certainly, some of them seem to have resorted to boosting their earnings by pimping and whoring - and indeed begging.

I'm not sure how this website works, but if you'd like to meet up send me a message. I would like to make love to a midget on a regular basic secretly or open affection, I'm open to your interest.

I was able to observe a small person the other day and she was fine. Pls send me an email if you are a midget and looking for a nice guy either... I saw one about 6 months back at the supermarket parking lot.

He has accpeted ever fetish i have and id like to help him atleast fulfill his once in his life.