Start Color tape dating chart

Color tape dating chart

This field is set to the previous day's date by default.

For example, after reviewing 30 days worth of data, the user may want to see the next 30 days based on the same criteria entered. The Previous button presents the blocks previously displayed, regardless of the parameters entered.

or click the Find Room button to display a single room in the Tape Chart.

When Tape Chart is set to display past dates, checked-out reservations are visible.

Checked-out reservations cannot be room-moved from the Tape Chart. Use the up and down arrows or the number keys on the keyboard to select the number of weeks to be displayed based on the Starting Date. The default is set in the Tape Chart Configuration.

The Tape Chart display shows availability based on the settings entered by the user.

Enter the start date by clicking on the drop-down list and selecting a date from the calendar.

To return the chart to the default setting, select All from the drop-down list.

To sort the chart by Room#, select the Room# radio button and then the Display Rooms button.

If a Property code is used, only the room types in that particular property are displayed.

Once a specific room type is requested, the display filters out all other room types.

Searching is allowed for Future, In-House, Active History, Non-Active History, or all "Future, In-House, and Active History" reservations.